PVC & PU Hose
PVC + PU Hose

Oz Hoze PVC & PU hose range
The Oz Hoze PVC hose range has now been expanded to include PVC Layflat hose (specifications listed below).
Oz Hoze Pty Ltd carries a wide range of quality Australian made and overseas manufactured PVC & PU hose products.
The range carried by Oz Hoze is designed for Australian conditions and will hopefully cover the most common daily needs of the Australian market. This range is a “living entity” and will constantly grow and change in accordance to demand.
Unlike other suppliers we only list products that are normally stocked in Australia, so please return regularly to our website to keep up with additions and changes to our product range. Future additions will include specialised application hoses for use with water, air, abrasion, oil and petroleum based products.
If you find you cannot match a hose for your needs please contact our sales department with all of the following details so the correct product can be suggested:
1.      Inside diameter required (outside diameter if critical)
2.      Maximum operating pressure
3.      External elements
4.      Product being conveyed
5.      Maximum and minimum operation temperatures

PS21 HD Grey Suction
PS22 MD Clear Suction
PS41 Oil Suction


PS61 Red/Clear Food Suction
PS62 Steel Spiral Non-Toxic
PS81 Suckerflex ABR


PP11 Air/Water Yellow
PP12 Blue Air


PP21 Blueline Washdown
PP41 Clear Multi-Purpose



PD81 Polyurethane Ducting


PL21 Blue PVC Layflat
PL22 Red PVC Layflat
PL23 EHD Black Layflat

PVC & PU hose products
Why use PVC hose?
PVC hose is most commonly used due to its economical pricing and lightweight characteristics (compared to rubber). The main limitation of PVC is its low resistance to temperature. PVC products can become very soft in hot conditions and very rigid in cold conditions. The pressure rating of a PVC hose can also vary as temperature increases so care must be taken when using PVC products in applications over 50 degrees Celsius.
New plastics technology has allowed manufacturers to closely mimic the characteristics of rubber, but with ever increasing oil prices (the basis of PVC) these products are normally a lot more expensive than there rubber hose equivalents.
What is PU?
PU is the abbreviated name for Polyurethane. PU has excellent resistance to abrasion and also petroleum based products. Although PU is more expensive than PVC, when used in abrasive applications the life achieved from PU hose may well outweigh the price difference. Polyurethane has one minor downfall, when exposed to ultra violet clear PU compound will rapidly turn to a non-transparent brown. Please keep this in mind if you intend to us a clear PU product for extended outdoor use or in direct sunlight indoors.
Corrugated or smooth?
Corrugated PVC and PU products with give you superior flexing characteristics from a lighter product (as there is less compound compared to a smooth wall hose) while still maintaining a high vacuum rating which is predominately controlled by the strength of the spiral helix. Corrugated hose has less drag when moving it around as it has less surface area in contact with the ground. The only inconvenience faced when using corrugated hose is getting a standard worm drive clamp to sit flat on outer surface of the hose. The best solution is to upgrade to a wider band clamp that has a width greater than the pitch of the spiral reinforcement. With larger bore corrugated hoses (such as 102mm and 152mm) a plastic spiral can be used to fill the gap for clamping purposes.
The price savings made by using corrugated hose will well outweigh the cost of upgrading 2 hose clamps.

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